Re: Andreas Karlsson 2016-07-02 <>
> On 07/01/2016 11:41 AM, Christoph Berg wrote:
> > thanks for the patches. I applied all there patches on top of HEAD
> > (10c0558f). The server builds and passes "make check", pgcrypto still
> > needs work, though:
> Thanks, I had forgotten pgcrypto.

pgcrypto works now as well, thanks!

Re: Alvaro Herrera 2016-07-02 <20160702002846.GA376611@alvherre.pgsql>
> Generally, version number tests sprinkled all over the place are not
> terribly nice.  I think it would be better to get configure to define a
> symbol like HAVE_BIO_METH_NEW.  Not sure about the other hunks in this
> patch; perhaps HAVE_BIO_SET_DATA, and #define both those macros if not.

Otoh these symbols are strictly version-dependant on OpenSSL, it's not
like one of the symbols would appear or disappear for other reasons
(like different TLS implementation, or different operating system).

Once we decide (in 10 years?) that the minimum supported OpenSSL
version is >= 1.1, we can just drop the version checks. If these are
converted to feature tests now, it will be much harder to remember at
which point they can be dropped.


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