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>> Under what circumstances would you wish to check only one page of a relation?
> What I'd like to be able to do is to stop scanning the relation once
> one defective tuple has been found: if there is at least one problem,
> the whole vm needs to be rebuilt anyway. So this function could be
> wrapped in a plpgsql function for example. It is more flexible than
> directly modifying this function so as it stops at the first problem
> stopped.

I think most likely the best way to handle this is teach VACUUM to do
PageClearAllVisible() and visibilitymap_clear() on any page where
VM_ALL_FROZEN(onerel, blkno, &vmbuffer) && !all_frozen.  This would go
well with the existing code to clear incorrectly-set visibility map
bits, and it would allow VACUUM (DISABLE_PAGE_SKIPPING) to serve the
purpose you're talking about here, but more efficiently.

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