On 7/9/16 12:59 PM, Tom Lane wrote:
NAK --- if you're trying to do arithmetic on the numbers, converting
them to hh:mm:ss notation isn't the best first step.  I think a separate
setting somewhere to select the format would be good.  Please *don't*
do "\timing interval" as that confuses the on/off state with the
formatting selection.  Maybe a \pset option?

I'm not quite sure what you mean by wanting to do arithmetic on the numbers. My phrasing of the problem is that after a long query, you might get output like this:

Time: 1234567.666 ms

which is pretty useless.

So I would like to have a format that is a bit more sensitive to the scale of the numbers. And I would like that by default, because I don't really want to have to fiddle with the format and then have to re-run the long query. (Then I'd just do the division by 3600 or whatever myself, and we haven't really improved usability.)

I'm not wedded to any particular format, but I think we can come up with one that works in most situations.

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