> amatv...@bitec.ru writes:
>> Is  there  any  plan  to  implement  "session  per  thread" or "shared
>> sessions between thread"?

> No, not really.  The amount of overhead that would add --- eg, the need
> for locking on what used to be single-use caches --- makes the benefit
> highly questionable.
A two-layer cache is the best answer.
>  Also, most people who need this find that sticking
> a connection pooler in front of the database solves their problem
It has some disadvantages. Lack of temporary table for example
Practical  usage  of  that  table  with  connection  poller is  highly
And so on.
> , so
> there's not that much motivation to do a ton of work inside the database
> to solve it there.
It is clear. Thank you.


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