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> Hi
> > I disagree - there is lot of possible targets with much higher
> > benefits - columns storage, effective execution - compiled
> > execution, implementation of temporal databases, better support for
> > dynamic structures, better support for XML, JSON, integration of
> connection pooling, ...
> Off course  the  task is different so optimal configuration is different
> too.
> So the best balance between process per thread can change.
> But now he is in one extreme point.
> > There is only few use cases - mostly related to Oracle emulation
> It's few cases for one and it's most cases for others.
> > when multi threading is necessary - and few can be solved better -
> > PLpgSQL to C compilation and similar techniques.
> It's few cases for one and it's most cases for others.
> In our cases we just buy oracle and it's would be cheeper.
> Off  course  if  our customers for some reason would agree to pay  for that
> technique. We have nothing against.
> > The organization of work is hard, but pretty harder is doing this
> > work - and doing it without impact on current code base, current
> > users. MySQL is thread based database - is better than Postgres, or
> > there is more users migrated from Orace? Not.
> We want to decide our task by PostgreSql as easy as by Oracle.
> So you can say  You should buy oracle and You will be right.

Can be nice, if we can help to all Oracle users - but it is not possible in
this world :( - there is lot of barriers - threading is only one, second
should be different design of PL/SQL - it is based on out processed, next
can be libraries, JAVA integration, and lot of others. I believe so lot of
users can be simple migrated, NTT has statistics - 60% is migrated just
with using Orafce. But still there will be 10% where migration is not
possible without significant refactoring. I don't believe so is cheaper to
modify Postgres to support threads than modify some Oracle applications.

The threading for Postgres is not small projects - it can require hundreds
man days.

> I'm just interested if this is the position of the majority.
sure - it is my personal opinion.



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