> I really don't get what's problematic with posting a message on a mailing
> list about a potential performance issue, to try to get people's reactions,
> without diving into profiling right away

"Benchmark data is a perfect substitute for benchmarking results. Data is
easy to misinterpret, so try not to do that." (see [1], and slide 73 of [2])

The key points are:
0) It is extremely easy to take a wrong way unless you analyze the
benchmark results.
1) If you (or someone else) thinks that "ok, the original email did meet
its goal, as Vladimir did provide a patch with measurements", then I failed.
The only reason for me doing the benchmark and patch was to teach you how
to do that.
2) Have you seen recent discussion "TODO item: Implement Boyer-Moore
searching in LIKE queries" on the list?
It does include relevant details right from the start.

I'm not a PostgreSQL developer
Neither am I.

> I have other urgent things to do
So do I.

> and don't even spend most of my programming time in C.

Java and SQL covers 99% of my time.

[1]: https://twitter.com/shipilev/status/760387758246486017
[2]: https://shipilev.net/talks/jvmls-July2014-benchmarking.pdf


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