> > I really don't get what's problematic with posting a message on a mailing
> > list about a potential performance issue, to try to get people's
> reactions,
> > without diving into profiling right away. I'm not a PostgreSQL developer,
> > have other urgent things to do and don't even spend most of my
> programming
> > time in C.
> There's absolutely nothing wrong with that.  I find your questions
> helpful and interesting and I hope you will keep asking them.  I think
> that they are a valuable contribution to the discussion on this list.

Thanks for the positive feedback Robert.

I'm glad reducing the overhead of out-of-line parameters seems like an
important goal. FWIW, if as Vladimir seems to suggest, it's possible to
bring down the overhead of the v3 extended protocol to somewhere near the
simple protocol, that would obviously be a better solution - it would mean
things work faster here and now, rather than waiting for the v4 protocol. I
have no idea if that's possible though, I'll see if I can spend some time
on understand where the slowdown comes from.

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