On Saturday 15 February 2003 09:48 am, mlw wrote:
> Robert Treat wrote:
> >Seems like some are saying one of the problems with the current system
> >is it doesn't follow FHS or LSB. If those are valid reasons to change
> >the system, it seems like a change which doesn't actually address those
> >concerns would not be acceptable. (Unless those really aren't valid
> >concerns...)
> I did not start this thread to make PostgreSQL FHS compatible, someone
> else brought that up.
> As I said somewhere else, I'm an old fashioned UNIX guy, capability
> without policy. The patch that I submitted for 7.3.2 will allow the user
> to configure PostgreSQL with a configuration file outside the $PGDATA
> directory. That's all I care about. If someone wants to get on the FHS
> bandwagon, that's fine. PostgreSQL should allow that ability but should
> not require it.

If we're going to go through the trouble to change the way things work, we 
might as well try to get something that will allow instalation to match real 
desired configurations out there, like FHS and LSB, or how Oliver and Lamar 
want for packaging without symlinks.  If the goal is just to get something 
that you like, apply the patch locally and be done with it. 

Robert Treat

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