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I've summarized Wait events monitoring discussion at Developer unconference in 
Ottawa this year on wiki:

I hope wait event monitoring will be on by default even if the overhead is not 
almost zero, because the data needs to be readily available for faster 
troubleshooting.  IMO, the benefit would be worth even 10% overhead.  If you 
disable it by default because of overhead, how can we convince users to enable 
it in production systems to solve some performance problem?  I’m afraid severe 
users would say “we can’t change any setting that might cause more trouble, so 
investigate the cause with existing information.”

We should positively consider the performance with wait event monitoring on as 
the new normal.  Then, we should develop more features that leverage the wait 
event data, so that wait event data is crucial.  The manual explains to users 
that wait event monitoring can be turned off for maximal performance but it’s 
not recommended.

BTW, taking advantage of this chance, why don’t we enrich the content of 
performance tuning in the manual?  At least it needs to be explained how to 
analyze the wait event data and tune the system.

Performance Tips

Takayuki Tsunakawa

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