> I used to think of that this kind of features should be enabled by default,
> because when I was working at the previous company, I had only few features
> to understand what is happening inside PostgreSQL by observing production
> databases. I needed those features enabled in the production databases when
> I was called.
> However, now I have another opinion. When we release the next major release
> saying 10.0 with the wait monitoring, many people will start their benchmark
> test with a configuration with *the default values*, and if they see some
> performance decrease, for example around 10%, they will be talking about
> it as the performance decrease in PostgreSQL 10.0. It means PostgreSQL will
> be facing difficult reputation.
> So, I agree with the features should be disabled by default for a while.

I understand your feeling well.  This is a difficult decision.  Let's hope for 
trivial overhead.

Takayuki Tsunakawa

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