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The downside to leaving stuff like this off by default is users won't
> remember it's there when they need it. At best, that means they spend more
> time debugging something than they need to. At worse, it means they suffer
> a production outage for longer than they need to, and that can easily
> exceed many months/years worth of the extra cost from the monitoring
> overhead.

Yeah.. and I've got to say, the whole "it'll hurt benchmarks if it's on by
default" argument falls flat on its face when you look at our defaults for
shared_buffers, etc.

If you don't tune Pg, it runs reliably, but slowly. If this proves to have
"reasonable" overhead, I'd be inclined to say it should just be on. I
frequently wish auto_explain and pg_stat_statements were in-core and
on-by-default so when someone calls saying things got slow the historical
data is already there. I'm sure this'll be the same.

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