On Fri, Sep 16, 2016 at 3:53 PM, Julien Rouhaud
<julien.rouh...@dalibo.com> wrote:
> That's fine by me.  Should this be done (if there's no objection) in the
> same patch, or in another one?

I'd say "same patch".

>> I'd suggest renaming the "parallel" flag to BackgroundWorkerSlot to
>> "is_parallel_worker".  Or, actually, what I think would be better is
>> to give it a name like worker_class, and then we can have
>> BGWORKER_CLASS_PARALLEL and perhaps eventually
> For now I just renamed "parallel" to "is_parallel_worker", since this is
> straightforward.  For a new "worker_class", I guess we'd need a new enum
> stored in BackgroundWorker struct instead of the
> BGWORKER_IS_PARALLEL_WORKER flag, and store it in the
> BackgroundWorkerSlot. Should I do that instead?

I suggest that we make it part of bgw_flags, but use a bitmask for it,
like this:

#define BGWORKER_CLASS_MASK   0x00f0
/* add additional bgworker classes here */

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