On Tue, Sep 20, 2016 at 1:11 AM, Jesper Pedersen
<jesper.peder...@redhat.com> wrote:
> This version adds the overloaded get_raw_page based methods. However, I'm
> not verifying the page other than page_id, as hasho_flag can contain
> multiple flags in Amit's patches. And, I don't see having different page ids
> as a benefit - at least not part of this patch.
> We should probably just have one of the method sets, so I'll send a v3 with
> the set voted for.
> I kept the 'data' field as is, for now.

$ git diff master --check
contrib/pageinspect/hashfuncs.c:758: space before tab in indent.
+                                  values);
That's always good to run to check the format of a patch before sending it.

You did not get right the comments from Alvaro upthread. The following
functions are added with this patch:
 function hash_metap(text)
 function hash_metap_bytea(bytea)
 function hash_page_items(text,integer)
 function hash_page_items_bytea(bytea)
 function hash_page_stats(text,integer)
 function hash_page_stats_bytea(bytea,integer)

Now the following set of functions would be sufficient:
function hash_metapage_info(bytea)
function hash_page_items(bytea)
function hash_page_stats(bytea)
The last time pageinspect has been updated, when BRIN functions have
been added, it has been discussed to just use (bytea) as an argument
interface and just rely on get_raw_page() to get the pages wanted, so
I think that we had better stick with that and keep things simple.

Note: the patch checks if a superuser is calling the new functions,
which is a good thing.

I am switching the patch back to "waiting on author". As far as I can
see the patch is in rather good shape, you just need to adapt the docs
and shave all the parts that are not needed for the final result.

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