On 09/20/2016 01:46 PM, Ashutosh Sharma wrote:
I am getting a fatal error along with some warnings when trying to
apply the v3 patch using "git apply" command.

[ashu@localhost postgresql]$ git apply
0001-pageinspect-Hash-index-support_v3.patch:29: trailing whitespace.
          brinfuncs.o ginfuncs.o hashfuncs.o $(WIN32RES)
0001-pageinspect-Hash-index-support_v3.patch:36: trailing whitespace.
DATA = pageinspect--1.6.sql pageinspect--1.5--1.6.sql \
0001-pageinspect-Hash-index-support_v3.patch:37: trailing whitespace.
    pageinspect--1.4--1.5.sql pageinspect--1.3--1.4.sql \
0001-pageinspect-Hash-index-support_v3.patch:38: trailing whitespace.
    pageinspect--1.2--1.3.sql pageinspect--1.1--1.2.sql \
0001-pageinspect-Hash-index-support_v3.patch:39: trailing whitespace.
    pageinspect--1.0--1.1.sql pageinspect--unpackaged--1.0.sql
fatal: git apply: bad git-diff - expected /dev/null on line 46

Which platform are you on ?

The development branch is @ https://github.com/jesperpedersen/postgres/tree/pageinspect_hash

Also, i think the USAGE for hash_metap() is refering to
hash_metap_bytea(). Please correct it. I have just started reviewing
the patch, will keep on posting my comments upon further review.

Fixed in v4.

Thanks for the review.

Best regards,

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