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> Haribabu Kommi, why have you read enough about EUI-64?
> Your function "macaddr64_trunc" sets 4 lower bytes as 0 whereas
> (according to the Wikipedia, but I can look for a standard) 3 bytes
> are still define an OUI (organizationally unique identifier), so
> truncation should be done for 5, not 4 lower octets.
> The macros "hibits" should be 3 octets long, not 4; "lobits" --- 5 bytes,
> not 4.
> In the other case your comparisons fail.
> What document have you used to write the patch? Are short form formats
> correct in macaddr64_in?

Yes, OUI is 24 bits. I just created prototype patch to check community
opinion on it.
I checked the following links [1], [2] for the development of macaddr8. But
the patch is
not correct for all the cases, it is just a prototype to see whether it
accepts 8 byte
MAC address or not?

[1] - http://standards.ieee.org/develop/regauth/tut/eui64.pdf
[2] - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MAC_address

Hari Babu
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