* Christoph Berg (m...@debian.org) wrote:
> Re: Stephen Frost 2016-10-14 <20161014113523.gz13...@tamriel.snowman.net>
> > > I think it would help if we moved it to something like
> > > "internal/pg_xlog" and "internal/pg_clog".  Keep the name but move it
> > > out of sight.
> > 
> > I disagree that this will materially help with the issue.
> And internal/base and internal/global and internal/pg_... because
> these shouldn't be touched by the users either.
> I don't think this would lead anywhere.

It'd probably be easier to move the things that are *not* PG internal
(eg: config files, et al) *out* of the data directory and into somewhere
sensible, like /etc ...

Oh, wait ...



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