* Jim Nasby (jim.na...@bluetreble.com) wrote:
> On 10/14/16 9:06 AM, Stephen Frost wrote:
> >>> And internal/base and internal/global and internal/pg_... because
> >>> these shouldn't be touched by the users either.
> >>>
> >>> I don't think this would lead anywhere.
> >It'd probably be easier to move the things that are *not* PG internal
> >(eg: config files, et al) *out* of the data directory and into somewhere
> >sensible, like /etc ...
> I do think it would be an improvement to segregate things users are
> expected to touch (*.conf and pg_log are what come to mind) from
> everything else, which could easily be done by moving everything
> else to an internal/ directory. I agree that's not much of an
> improvement for pg_[cx]log, but we could create internal/ as well as
> rename some things.

Apologis, I should have made it clear what I was getting at.

The Debian/Ubuntu packaging already does segregate out the *.conf and
pg_log into other locations based on the FHS.  On a Debian-based system,
there really shouldn't be anything that the user is expected to touch
under /var/lib (where the PG data directory lives).



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