On 18-10-2016 10:13, Andreas Joseph Krogh wrote:
> From time to time pg_largeobject comes up as an issue with being
> implemented as a system-catalog.
Did you read the archives [1]?

> As I see it, there are 2 relevant use-cases for improving the situation:
> 1. Being able to pg_dump *without* any LOs (think of it as
>    without the contents of pg_largeobject). This is very handy
>    for testing/troubleshooting.
It could be an option (--no-blobs). The -b option has a limited use case.

> 2. Being able to move pg_largeobject to a different tablespace
>    *without* turning on system_table_mods. This is important for
>    people storing LOTS of large-objects on separate
>    disks (non-SSD) and hence in a different tablespace.
> Anyone willing to discuss this?
This was proposed a few years ago but no one cared to draft a patch.


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