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On Tue, Oct 18, 2016 at 04:51:54PM +0200, Andreas Joseph Krogh wrote:
 >     > 2. Being able to move pg_largeobject to a different tablespace
 >     >    *without* turning on system_table_mods. This is important for
 >     >    people storing LOTS of large-objects on separate
 >     >    disks (non-SSD) and hence in a different tablespace.
 >     > Anyone willing to discuss this?
 >     > 
 >     This was proposed a few years ago but no one cared to draft a patch.
 > So that why I'm re-raising the issue:-)
 > Having "everything in the database" adds lots of benefits, conceptually
 > (follows tx-semantics, consistent backups etc.), however it's currently not 
 > easy in practice.

 Yeah, rereading that old thread was interesting, and unfortunate that no
 one mentioned the system catalog change would break pg_upgrade, though
 pg_upgrade was not popular at the time that thread was started.

 I think an open question is why you would not want to move the other
 system tables at the same time you move pg_largeobject.
The thing is that I don't understand what the problem really is. I have no 
problem moving the other system-tables as well if that fixes the problem.
I tried moving pg_largeobject back to the same tablespace as the database but 
that too gave the error.
Are you saying that if I move all system-tables to the tablespace I moved 
pg_largeobject to it'll work? If so, is there a convenient way to move all 
system-tables to a tablespace?
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