Andreas Joseph Krogh <> writes:
> På onsdag 19. oktober 2016 kl. 18:29:31, skrev Bruce Momjian 
> < 
>  I think an open question is why you would not want to move the other
>  system tables at the same time you move pg_largeobject.

> Are you saying that if I move all system-tables to the tablespace I moved 
> pg_largeobject to it'll work? If so, is there a convenient way to move all 
> system-tables to a tablespace?

Not sure about moving them after the fact, but you could create the
database with its default tablespace being the one you want pg_largeobject

I think though that there's a fairly clear counterexample to Bruce's
question: if you're worried about moving pg_largeobject at all, you
probably are trying to put it on a relatively large and slow storage
device.  You don't necessarily want all the system catalogs there.

                        regards, tom lane

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