Tom Lane wrote:
> No, it's cross *file* references within a single contrib module that
> would be likely to need extern declarations in a header file.  That's
> not especially weird IMO.  I'm not sure how many cases there actually
> are though.

I went through the contrib moules and tried to look that up,
and now I am even more confused than before.

The buildfarm log at
shows the build failing (among others) for contrib/tablefunc
(close to the bottom end of the log).

Now when I look at the source, there is only one C file, and the
failing functions are *not* declared anywhere, neither in the C file
nor in the (almost empty) header file.

So it must be something other than double declaration that makes
the build fail.
Could it be that the .DEF files have something to do with that?

Laurenz Albe

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