On Tue, Oct 18, 2016 at 4:33 PM, Josh Berkus <j...@agliodbs.com> wrote:
> Based on that argument, we would never be able to remove any
> configuration parameter ever.

Well... no.  Based on that argument, we should only remove
configuration parameters if we're fairly certain that they are not
useful any more, which will be rare, but is not never.  I agree that
*if* vacuum_defer_cleanup_age is no longer useful, it should be
removed.  I'm just not convinced that it's truly obsolete, and you
haven't really offered much of an argument for that proposition.  It
does something sufficiently different from hot_standby_feedback that
I'm not sure it's accurate to say that one can substitute for the
other, and indeed, I see Andres has already suggested some scenarios
where it could still be useful.

Actually, I think vacuum_defer_cleanup_age is, and always has been, an
ugly hack.  But for some people it may be the ugly hack that is
letting them continue to use PostgreSQL.

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