Magnus Hagander wrote:

> I don't really read perl enough to take it apart. But
> is the code
> (we're probably on an older version). I'm guessing it's coming out of
> format_log_line (
> (the
> version we have only has the part that looks for the hash).

I think if we do want to fork, we should be looking at git_print_log
There's a regexp match that looks for "https://"; but only when preceded
with "link: " (which is a bit odd, isn't it?).

> I wonder if it's worth forking gitweb to make it do explicitly what we want
> for this -- that is recognize all the different kinds of things that would
> be interesting here. But that fork should probably be done by somebody with
> some more perl skills than me :)

I think changing message-id links to URLs would be veyr handy, but
before proposing a fork I would like to have a better idea of how much
effort it entails.

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