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> So, one of the problems in this patch as committed is that for any
> process that doesn't show up in pg_stat_activity, there's no way to
> see the wait event information.  That sucks.  I think there are
> basically two ways to fix this:
> 1. Show all processes that have a PGPROC in pg_stat_activity,
> including auxiliary processes and whatnot, and use some new field in
> pg_stat_activity to indicate the process type.
> 2. Add a second view, say pg_stat_system_activity, to show the
> processes that don't appear in pg_stat_activity.  A bunch of columns
> could likely be omitted, but there would be some duplication, too.
> Preferences?
​I'm inclined toward option 2.

A view over both that involves just the shared columns would give you the
benefits from option 1.

Question: is there a parent-child relationship involved here?  Given a
record in today's pg_stat_activity is it useful/possible to link in all of
the pg_stat_system_activity​ process that are working to fulfill the
client-initiated task?

Even with "system" we'd probably want to distinguish between background
workers and true system maintenance processes.  Or am I mis-interpreting
the scope of this feature?

David J.

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