Yes, I am aware of that limitation.  If you link libpq as a
Multithreaded DLL, it will not link libc into each DLL, but have only
one libc that can free from anywhere. 

Is that acceptable or do we need a Win32 specific memory free function?


Key88 SF wrote:
> Hi - there is a problem with PQescapeBytea for Win32. Since libpq is a DLL, 
> all memory allocated from within the DLL needs to be freed from within the 
> dll.
> PQescapeBytea allocates memory, but there is no function call back into the 
> DLL to free this memory. This causes heap corruption when the main program 
> tries to free the memory itself. The alternative is to just leak the memory 
> and never free it. Also bad....
> -Dave Brown
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