Tom Lane wrote:
> Bruce Momjian <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> >> Do we really want "PQfreemem" either?  Maybe it should be "PQfree"?
> > I am a little concerned that PQfree would be confused with PQclear.
> Good point --- nevermind that suggestion.
> > Could we have PQfreeNotify() be a macro to PQfreemem in 7.4?
> I'd like to do that but I doubt we can get away with it; it'd be
> an incompatible change at the binary API level, forcing a major
> version bump on  (On the other hand, we might wind up
> doing one anyway; not sure.)

Right.  We changed the Notify internal structure and got bitten on that
in 7.3 -- don't want that to happen again.

> You could do it the other way: PQfreemem a macro for PQfreeNotify.
> That would stay binary-compatible with existing clients.  We could
> switch which one is a macro at the next occasion for a major
> version bump on the shlib, and then eventually remove PQfreeNotify
> when we feel it's been deprecated for long enough.

The problem with that is the new versions are still going to reference
PQfreeNotify, and then we still can't remove it. I think we need the
macro for PQfreeNotify pointing to PQfreemem, but keep the PQfreeNotify
function around for a release or two, then remove it, and remove all
documentation about it in 7.4.

I now see that psql doesn't use that call, though it should if it is
running on Win32:
        static void
            PGnotify   *notify;
            while ((notify = PQnotifies(pset.db)))
                fprintf(pset.queryFout, gettext("Asynchronous NOTIFY '%s' from backend 
        ith pid %d received.\n"),
                        notify->relname, notify->be_pid);

I will clean that up too, and check any other interfaces/apps.

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