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* Cynthia Shang ( wrote:
> I have never heard of coding standards where naming conventions required a 
> function/variable name match a directory or file name. It seems that would be 
> restrictive. 

We aren't discussing a coding standard, we're talking about changing the
references from 'xlog' to 'wal' to match the change we did to the
directory, to be consistent.

> I'm not trying to pick a fight, I just think the pros should outweigh the 
> cons when choosing a path forward. In this case I see lots of cons and one 
> partial pro; partial because renaming only user facing functions and 
> documentation will create inconsistency within the Postgres code for all of 
> the following. It sounds as if your minds are already made up, which saddens 
> me but I will say nothing further on the matter.

All backwards incompatible changes are judgement calls and people are
certainly welcome to have different opinions.  I have a pretty strong
feeling about this particular change being worthwhile and also pretty
long overdue.

[... list of references to xlog in the code ...]

No need to include a list, I can find them myself. :)

Nearly all of the references listed are internal functions or references
in the code.  Those don't need to be changed, just the user-facing
pieces, which is quite a bit less.

The doxygen website is generated directly off of the code and isn't
user-facing documentation.



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