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Joel Jacobson asked:

> Is anyone working on porting PostgreSQL to Rust?

No; extremely unlikely.

> My motivation is primarily I don't want to learn all the 
> over-complicated details of C

Well that's going to be a show-stopper right there. For a proper 
port, a deep understanding of the current source code is necessary.
You'd need a team expert in both C and Rust to pull it off.

> Porting PostgreSQL to Rust would be a multi-year project,
> and it could only be done if the process could be fully automated,
> by supporting all the coding patterns used by the project,
> otherwise a Rust-port would quickly fall behind the master branch.
> But if all git commits could be automatically converted to Rust,

Developing such a system is bordering on AI and likely more complex 
than Postgres itself. :)

> Is this completely unrealistic or is it carved in stone PostgreSQL will
> always be a C project forever and ever?

It's unrealistic, but there is nothing to say Postgres will stay in C 
forever. Right now, however, there is no compelling reason to move 
away from it, and the porting effort to any language would be immense. 
C++ would be the least painful option, probably.

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