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> > For the record, I don't like the name "xlog" either.  It would be nice
> > if we could have more consistent and intuitive naming.
> >
> > But I don't see any proposals to actually change all uses of "xlog" to
> > "wal".  What about program names, command line options, etc.?  If the
> > argument is, we changed one thing, we should change the rest, then let's
> > see that.  I think that argument itself is flawed, but if that's what
> > we're going with, let's see the whole plan.
> That is the proposal and what Vladimir is working towards, as I
> understand it, but one piece at a time rather than one big huge patch,
> as he's already stated elsewhere on this thread.

Correct. Since fate of this patch is not fully decided I've paused my work
on other things until this goes in in some form.

> I don't have any problem with asking for a summary of the exact set of
> changes that he's planning to make though.  My understanding is that it
> includes changing program names, command line options, etc.

Here's what I currently have in mind:

- sql function names (current patch)
- binaries in bin: pg_receivexlog, pg_xlogdump, pg_resetxlog
- (maybe) public/exported symbols from libpq,
e.g. libpqGetCurrentXlogInsertLocation
- at this time I don't target internal function and filenames, but that
could also be done if there's desire for this.

I'd like to have most user-visible changed checked in earlier. Stuff like
internal refactoring can be done pretty much at any point in development

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