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> For the record, I don't like the name "xlog" either.  It would be nice
> if we could have more consistent and intuitive naming.


> But I don't see any proposals to actually change all uses of "xlog" to
> "wal".  What about program names, command line options, etc.?  If the
> argument is, we changed one thing, we should change the rest, then let's
> see that.  I think that argument itself is flawed, but if that's what
> we're going with, let's see the whole plan.

I'm happy to go change every last bit of it.  I was expecting after I
committed the initial rename that somebody would provide a follow-on
patch to do the rest of it in short order.  Instead, months went by
and we still don't have a complete patch.  But I don't see why that
has to take more than a day's work, probably just a few hours.  I'd
like to do that and move on.

> Moreover, I see we still have the pg_clog directory.  I thought that was
> supposed to be renamed as well, to avoid confusing it with a "log"
> directory.  Surely, we should at least conclude that original chapter
> before going further.

I'm not excited about starting to change pg_clog before we finish with
xlog -> wal.  Then we just have two half-done things, IMO.  But I'm
also not the only one with a commit bit.

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