Jason wrote:
> If you can support xmlrpc instead, you'll save yourself a lot of headaches.

XML-RPC has three merits over SOAP:

 1.  It's a simple specification, and thus readily implemented.

 2.  Microsoft and IBM aren't fighting over control over it, so it's
     not suffering from the "we keep adding pseudo-standards to it"
     problem.  (Which further complicates the specifications.)
     You can have a /complete/ implementation of XML-RPC, whereas,
     for SOAP, you can hold ghastly long arguments as to what SOAP
     means, anyways.

 3.  There's a (perhaps not "standard", but definitely widely
     implemented) scheme for bundling multiple XML-RPC requests into
     one message, which improves latency a LOT for small messages.

Of course, CORBA has actually been quite formally standardized, suffers
from many fairly interoperable implementations, and is rather a lot less
bloated than any of the XML-based schemes.  It might be worth trying,
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