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> Of course, CORBA has actually been quite formally standardized, suffers
> from many fairly interoperable implementations, and is rather a lot less
> bloated than any of the XML-based schemes.  It might be worth trying,
> too...

The ability to use the HTTP transport has it's advantages with web services--
You can throw something together with a few lines of PHP, you don't have to
worry about how to activate objects, I've never been able to figure out how
to handle transport-layer security and authentication with CORBA (of course,
this was all fairly new stuff when I was working with it), all this stuff
comes for free with the HTTP transport.

I like CORBA, though, and I'd probably find a CORBA module useful, but it
doesn't solve all the same problems.

Hrm, I wonder if the overhead of XML-RPC wouldn't be too bad for the new
PostgreSQL protocol... it probably would, but it would be entirely useful.
You can make XML-RPC calls from mozilla javascript, so you could do some
pretty sweet tweaking to keep your addresses in a pgsql database.

As an "additional" protocol which postmaster can listen to it would rule.
I'm making a habit of putting all the business logic into stored procedures,
and this would basically publish the business logic in a very useful way.


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