Given a HTTP formatted query:
GET "http://localhost:8181/pgmuze?query=select+*+from+zsong+limit+2";

The output is entered below.

Is there a way, without spcifying a binary cursor, to get the data types associated with columns? Right now I am just using undefined, as the ODBC version works.

Anyone see any basic improvements needed?

<?xml version = "1.0"?>
<soap:Envelope xmlns:MWSSQL="";>
 <!-- Fields in set -->
 <Columns count="9">
 <ROWSET columns="9" rows="2">
  <ROW ROWID="0">
   <song>Write My Name In The Groove</song>
  <ROW ROWID="1">
   <song>Papa Was A Rolling Stone</song>

Steve Wampler wrote:

On Fri, 2003-03-28 at 14:39, mlw wrote:

I was thinking of using SOAP over HTTP as the protocol, and a
minimalist version at best. If the people want "more" let them add it.

I have an HTTP service class in my open source library. It would br
trivial to accept a SQL query formatted as a GET request, and then
execute the query and, using libpq, format the result as XML. It
should be simple enough to do.

It would be easy. I've done something similar (using ODBC to get to PostgreSQL) - but using a language none of the rest of you are likely to be interested in (Unicon). Works just fine, though the implementation (deliberately, by personal preference) avoids accepting arbitrary SQL statements from SOAP clients, instead forcing the clients to use an RPC interface so I can do sanity checking in the Unicon [which I know better than I know PostgreSQL...] SOAP servers.

I, too, opted for a 'minimal-SOAP' implementation.  A 'real'
implementation boggles the mind.

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