> I have been planning to "test" the whole thing with a few .NET 
> applications. I am currently using expat to parse the output to ensure 
> that it all works correcty.

That, unfortunately, probably implies that your implementation is almost 
totally non-interoperable.

You should put out of your mind the notion of being "correct."  Being 
"correct" is pretty irrelevant if 80% of the requests that come from a VB.NET 
client fail because Microsoft implemented part of their request differently 
than what you interpreted as "correct."

The point is that "correctness" isn't the thing you need to aim for; what you 
should aim for is interoperability with the important client implementations.

SOAP::Lite, .NET, probably some Java ones, C++ ones, and such.

Nobody does "correctness" testing; they do interoperability tests where they 
try to submit requests to Apache AXIS, .NET, WebSphere, and the lot of other 
important implementations.  If you're testing a server (as is the case here), 
then the point is to run tests with a bunch of clients.

Head to the SOAP::Lite and Axis projects; you'll see matrices describing this 
sort of thing...
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