> I can certainly imagine cases for processing where having the field
> names and other metadata up front (maybe add type info, nullable, etc
> instead of just "undefined") would be useful.
> here's another question:
> If the intention is to use field names as (local) tag names, how will
> you handle the case where the field name isn't a valid XML name? Of
> course, one could do some sort of mapping (replace illegal chars with
> "_", for example) but then you can't be 100% certain that you haven't
> generated a collision, I should think.

I'm not sure, I have to really research how to handle that case. I have been
simply doing a %hex translation on characters that do not conform to XML,
that may actually be "good enough(tm)." 

As for the field names being undefined, if you can find a way to get the
field types without having to specify a binary cursor I'd like that.
Admitedly, I have not looked very hard. This is a small part of a bigger
project. The SQL/XML provider currently supports PG and ODBC.

The web services project, which contains the SQL/XML provider, has a bunch
of other services.

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