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> >>Actually, as far as I am aware, the header is for metadata, i.e. it is the
> >>place to describe the data being returned.
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> >Did you read the SOAP spec ?
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> yes


What you have come up with _is_not_ a SOAP v1.1 message at all. It does
use some elements with similar names but from different namespace.

the SOAP Envelope, Header and Body elemants must be from namespace

Per section 3 paragraph 2 of SOAP spec a conforming SOAP processor MUST
discard a message that has incorrect namespace.

> <?xml version = "1.0"?>
> <mwssql:Envelope xmlns:mwssql="";>
>  <mwssql:Header>

The <SOAP-ENV:Header> "is a generic mechanism for adding features to a
SOAP message in a decentralized manner without prior agreement between
the communicating parties. SOAP defines a few attributes that can be
used to indicate who should deal with a feature and whether it is
optional or mandatory (see section 4.2)".

The <SOAP-ENV:Body> "is a container for mandatory information intended
for the ultimate recipient of the message (see section 4.3). SOAP
defines one element for the body, which is the Fault element used for
reporting errors."

The Header element is encoded as the first immediate child element of
the SOAP Envelope XML element. All immediate child elements of the
Header element are called header entries.

The encoding rules for header entries are as follows: 

     1. A header entry is identified by its fully qualified element
        name, which consists of the namespace URI and the local name.
        All immediate child elements of the SOAP Header element MUST be


An example is a header with an element identifier of "Transaction", a
"mustUnderstand" value of "1", and a value of 5. This would be encoded
as follows:

      xmlns:t="some-URI" SOAP-ENV:mustUnderstand="1">

>   <exec:sql>update cgrpairs set ratio=0 where srcitem=100098670</exec:sql>
>   <exec:affected>2657</exec:affected>
>   <qry:sql>select * from ztitles limit 2</qry:sql>
>   <qry:ROWSET>
>    <qry:ROW columns="28">

where are namespaces exec:, qry: abd t: defined ?


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