On 2/20/17 10:06, Jim Mlodgenski wrote:
> I've come across a number of times where the statistics on materialized
> views become stale producing bad plans. It turns out that autovacuum
> only touches a materialized view when it is first created and ignores it
> on a refresh. When you have a materialized view like yesterdays_sales
> the data in the materialized view turns over every day. 

That sounds like a bug.

> Attached is a patch to trigger autovacuum based on a matview refresh
> along with a system view pg_stat_all_matviews to show information more
> meaningful for materialized views.

It might be easier to include materialized views into pg_stat_*_tables.

I think these should be two separate patches.  We might want to
backpatch the first one.

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