Jim Mlodgenski <jimm...@gmail.com> writes:
> After digging into things further, just making refresh report the stats
> for what is it basically doing simplifies and solves it and it is
> something we can back patch if that the consensus. See the attached
> patch.

I've pushed this into HEAD with one non-cosmetic change: the patch tried
to pass a uint64 tuple count to pgstat_count_heap_insert(), whose argument
was only declared as "int".  This would go seriously wrong with matviews
having more than INT_MAX rows, which hardly seems out of the question,
so I changed pgstat_count_heap_insert() to take int64 instead.

I don't think we can make that change in the back branches though.
It seems too likely that third-party code might be calling 

We could possibly kluge around this to produce a safe-to-back-patch
fix by doing something like

        pgstat_count_heap_insert(matviewRel, (int) Min(processed, INT_MAX));

But that seems pretty ugly.  Given the lack of previous reports, I'm
personally content to leave this unfixed in the back branches.


                        regards, tom lane

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