On 2/21/17 4:22 PM, Peter Eisentraut wrote:
Attached is a patch to trigger autovacuum based on a matview refresh
along with a system view pg_stat_all_matviews to show information more
meaningful for materialized views.
It might be easier to include materialized views into pg_stat_*_tables.

Certainly easier, but I don't think it'd be better. Matviews really aren't the same thing as tables. Off-hand (without reviewing the patch), update and delete counts certainly wouldn't make any sense. "Insert" counts might, in as much as it's how many rows have been added by refreshes. You'd want a refresh count too.

I think these should be two separate patches.  We might want to
backpatch the first one.

+1; definitely sounds like a bug to me.
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