On 3/10/17 6:06 PM, Peter Eisentraut wrote:
On 3/10/17 19:00, Jim Nasby wrote:
Maybe instead of having the commitfest app try and divine patches from
the list it should be able to send patches to the list from a specified
git repo/branch. Anyone that provides that info would have tests run
automagically, patches sent, etc. Anyone who doesn't can just keep using
the old process.

Those people who know what they're doing will presumably run all those
checks before they submit a patch.  It's those people who send in
patches that don't apply cleanly or fail the tests that would benefit
from this system.  But if they're that careless, then they also won't
take care to use this particular system correctly.

It's actually a lot harder to mess up providing a git repo link than manually submitting patches to the mailing list. For most patches, it's also a hell of a lot faster to just submit a repo URL rather than dealing with patch files. Having this also means that reviewers can focus more on what the patch is actually doing instead of mechanical crap best left to a machine.

Of course, *you* work on changes that are far more complex than any newbie will, and it wouldn't surprise me if such a feature wouldn't help you or other senior hackers at all. But AFAICT it wouldn't get in your way either. It would remove yet another burden for new hackers.

Anyway, this is well off topic for the original thread...
Jim Nasby, Chief Data Architect, OpenSCG

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