On 3/8/17 16:49, Andres Freund wrote:
>> make check-world -j2 seems to run fine for me.
> Hm, I at least used to get a lot of spurious failures with this. I
> e.g. don't think the free port selection is race free.

I was also not sure about that, but as Michael has pointed out, that
doesn't matter anymore, because it now uses a private socket directory.

I have been pounding it a bit, and every so often the test_decoding
tests fail in mysterious ways, but otherwise it seems to work fine.  I'm
curious what you are seeing.

Combining make -j10 and prove -j4, I get the run time down to 2 minutes
and a bit, from 20+ minutes.  Using the -O option if you have GNU make
>=4 is also useful to get some more sane output.

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