On 2017-03-11 12:05:23 -0500, Tom Lane wrote:
> I wrote:
> > I believe the core problem is that contrib/test_decoding's regresscheck
> > and isolationcheck targets each want to use ./tmp_check as their
> > --temp-instance.  make has no reason to believe it shouldn't run those
> > two sub-jobs in parallel, but when it does, we get two postmasters trying
> > to share the same directory.  This looks reasonably straightforward to
> > solve, but I'm not entirely familiar with the code here, and am not
> > sure what is the least ugly way to fix it.
> Enlarging on that: if I cd into contrib/test_decoding and do
> "make check -j4" or so, it reliably fails.

Yep, can reproduce here as well. Interesting that, with -j16, I could
survive several dozen runs from the toplevel locally.

> This is a localized patch that only fixes things for
> contrib/test_decoding; what I'm wondering is if it would be better to
> establish a more widespread convention that
> $(pg_isolation_regress_check) should use a different --temp-instance
> directory than $(pg_regress_check) does.

I think that'd be a good plan.  We probably should also keep --outputdir
seperate (which test_decoding/Makefile does, but
pg_isolation_regress_check doesn't)?

- Andres

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