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> Note that I am not necessarily saying it's better though, just trying to
> explain. It definitely has drawbacks, as in order to grant publish on
> one table you might be granting lots of privileges on various objects by
> granting the role. So for granularity purposes Peter's PUBLISH privilege
> for tables sounds better to me.

I get that.  If, without the patch, letting user X do operation Y will
require either giving user X membership in a role that has many
privileges, and with the patch, will require only granting a specific
privilege on a specific object, then the latter is obviously far
better from a security point of view.

However, what I'm not clear about is whether this is a situation
that's likely to come up much in practice.  I would have thought that
publications and subscriptions would typically be configured by roles
with quite high levels of privilege anyway, in which case the separate
PUBLISH privilege would rarely be used in practice, and might
therefore fail to be worth using up a bit.  I might be missing a
plausible scenario in which that's not the case, though.

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