* Robert Haas ( wrote:
> However, what I'm not clear about is whether this is a situation
> that's likely to come up much in practice.  I would have thought that
> publications and subscriptions would typically be configured by roles
> with quite high levels of privilege anyway, in which case the separate
> PUBLISH privilege would rarely be used in practice, and might
> therefore fail to be worth using up a bit.  I might be missing a
> plausible scenario in which that's not the case, though.

Right, this is part of my concern also.

Further, PUBLISH, as I understand it, is something of a one-time or at
least reasonably rarely done operation.  This is quite different from a
SELECT privilege which is used on every query against the table and
which may be GRANT'd to user X today and user Y tomorrow and perhaps
REVOKE'd from user X the next day.

What happens when the PUBLISH right is REVOKE'd from the user who did
the PUBLISH in the first place, for example..?



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