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> The scope of this work has expanded, since last time I reviewed and marked
> it as RFC. Right now I am busy with partition-wise joins and do not have
> sufficient time to take a look at the expanded scope.
> However, I can come back to this after partition-wise join, but that may
> stretch to the end of the commitfest. Sorry.

I marked this as ready for committer.  The code looks good, make check passed, 
ran read/write pgbench for some period to cause checkpoint with WAL file 
removal, and pg_ctl stop.  The checkpoint emitted the following message, and 
there were no message like "could not ..." that indicates a file unlink or 
directory sync failure.

LOG:  checkpoint complete: wrote 1835 buffers (11.2%); 0 transaction log 
file(s) added, 1 removed, 0 recycled; write=0.725 s, sync=0.002 s, total=0.746 
s; s\
ync files=9, longest=0.002 s, average=0.000 s; distance=16381 kB, 
estimate=16381 kB

Takayuki Tsunakawa

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