Robert Haas <> writes:
> I wasn't thinking of introducing bgw_builtin_id.  My idea was just
> along the lines of

> if (bgw_library_name == NULL && bgw_function_name != NULL)
> {
>     if (strcmp(bgw_function_name, "ParallelQueryMain") == 0)
>        ParallelQueryMain(blah);
>     else if (strcmp(bgw_function_name, "LogicalReplicationMain") == 0)
>        LogicalReplicationMain(blah);
> }

> I think something like that is certainly better for the back-branches,
> because it doesn't cause an ABI break.  But I think it would also be
> fine for master.

That seems perfectly reasonable from here: surely the cost of a couple
of strcmp's is trivial in comparison to a process launch.

We can redesign the API whenever this way starts getting unwieldy,
but that's likely to be quite some time away.

                        regards, tom lane

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