From: Amit Kapila []
> The latest patch looks good to me apart from one Debug message, so I have
> marked it as Ready For Committer.

Thank you so much!

> + ereport(DEBUG1,
> + (errmsg("disabling huge pages")));
> I think this should be similar to what we display in sysv_shmem.c as below:
> elog(DEBUG1, "mmap(%zu) with MAP_HUGETLB failed, huge pages disabled: %m",
> allocsize);

I understood you suggested this to make the reason clear for disabling huge 
pages.  OK, done as follows.

+               elog(DEBUG1, "CreateFileMapping(%llu) with SEC_LARGE_PAGES 
failed "
+                    "due to insufficient large pages, huge pages disabled",
+                    size);

I hope this will be committed soon.

Takayuki Tsunakawa

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