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> I don't think the errdetail is quite right - OpenProcessToken isn't really
> a syscall, is it? But then it's a common pattern already in wind32_shmem.c...

Yes, "Win32 API function" would be correct, but I followed the existing code...

> > +                            errdetail("Failed system call was %s.",
> > +"LookupPrivilegeValue")));
> Other places in the file actually log the arguments to the function...

The only place is CreateFileMapping.  Other places (DuplicateHandle and 
MapViewOfFileEx) don't log arguments.  I guess the original developer thought 
that size and name arguments to CreateFileMapping() might be useful for 

> Wonder if we should quote "Lock Pages in Memory" or add dashes, to make
> sure it's clear that that's the right?

I saw several Microsoft pages, including a page someone introduced me here, and 
they didn't quote the user right.  I'm comfortable with the current code, but I 
don't mind if the committer adds some quotation.

> > +                   flProtect = PAGE_READWRITE | SEC_COMMIT |
> Why don't we just add the relevant flag, instead of overwriting the previous
> contents?

I don't have strong opinion on this...

> Uh - isn't that a behavioural change?  Was this discussed?

Yes, I described this in the first mail.  Magnus asked about this later and I 

Takayuki Tsunakawa

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