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> Good point!  And I said earlier in this thread, I think managing privileges 
> (adding/revoking privileges from the user account) is the DBA's or sysadmin's 
> duty, and PG's removing all privileges feels overkill.

I think it's a sensible alternative to refusing to run as a highly
privileged role, which is what we used to do IIRC.

> OTOH, I tried again to leave the DISABLE_MAX_PRIVILEGE as is and add Lock 
> Pages in Memory, using the attached pg_ctl.c.  Please see 
> EnableLockPagesPrivilege() and its call site.  But pg_ctl -w start fails 
> emitting the following message:

That won't work. You'd have to pass 0 to the flags of
CreateRestrictedToken and instead supply a PrivilegesToDelete array.
You'd probably GetTokenInformation and AND with a mask of ones you
wanted to retain.

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