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>> You should use %zu instead of %llu to print Size type of variable.
> I did so at first, but it didn't work with Visual Studio 2010 at hand.  It 
> doesn't support %z which is added in C99.
> But "I" (capital i) instead of "ll" seems appropriate as the following page 
> says.  I chose this.
> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Printf_format_string
> I For signed integer types, causes printf to expect ptrdiff_t-sized integer 
> argument; for unsigned integer types, causes printf to expect size_t-sized 
> integer argument. Commonly found in Win32/Win64 platforms.

+                elog(DEBUG1, "CreateFileMapping(%Iu) with
+                     "due to insufficient large pages, huge pages disabled",
+                     size);
Amit is right, you had better use %zu as we do in all the other places
of the code dealing with Size variables that are printed. When
compiling with Visual Studio, Postgres falls back to the
implementation of sprintf in src/port/snprintf.c so that's not
something to worry about.

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